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Perpetuating the memory and the works of the pioneers of aeronautics,

Latécoère Airlines and Aéropostale

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“I have gone over all the calculations again,

they confirm the opinion of the experts:

Our project is unachievable.

The only thing we can do now is:

Achieve it!”

Pierre-Georges Latécoère


Pierre-Georges Latécoère is the creator of airmail and of the intercontinental airlines linking France to Africa and South America, which became l'Aéropostale and then Air France.

Initiator of the Toulouse aeronautics industry, Pierre-Georges Latécoère has produced 80 types of planes and seaplanes, winning 32 world records.

The Latécoère Foundation aims to maintain and promote the memory of aeronautics and its pioneers. By passing on the values of Pierre-Georges Latécoère, it also works to inspire new generations to take up the challenges of the future, including the transition to low-carbon aviation.

The latest news about our activities and events.

Information about our history, aims and structure.

Passing on the values of the pioneers of aeronautics.

The story of Pierre-Georges Latécoère and his works.

Latécoère planes and seaplanes.

Works of art honouring the pioneers of aeronautics.



L'Envol des Pionniers


Museum located on the historic site of the Latécoère factories in Montaudran (Toulouse, France) telling the story of the Latécoère Airline and Aéropostale, and its many pioneers.

Hydraviation Museum


Located on the mythical site of the former Latécoère base in Biscarrosse (France), the Musée de l'Hydraviation traces the history of the seaplane.

Reconstruction of Latécoère Planes

1:1 Flying Latécoère 28

CMV Laté 28_edited.jpg

Reconstruction of a flying Latécoère 28, an emblematic aircraft of l'Aéropostale, by the Cercle des Machines Volantes (Compiègne, France).

1:1 Static Latécoère 28


Construction of a non-flying full-scale replica of the legendary Latécoère 28 by the Laté 28 Association (Toulouse, France). Pierre-Elzéar Latécoère is proud to be its honorary president.

Historical Air Rallies

Raid Latécoère-Aéropostale


Historical Air Raid on the tracks of the airlines created by Pierre-Georges Latécoère. Supporting cultural and solidarity projects in the countries crossed . Pierre-Elzéar Latécoère is honoured to be the patron of the 2022 and 2023 editions.

Rallye Toulouse – Saint-Louis


"Toulouse - Tarfaya - Saint-Louis" air rally created in 1983 on the historic route of the Latécoère and Aéropostale Airlines. With more than 10,000 km of route, this competition has become the largest regular air rally in the world.

Awarding of Prizes

"Latécoère Explorer" Prize


The "Latécoère Explorer" prize is awarded by a committee of 8 explorers, including Bertrand Piccard and led by Laurence de La Ferrière.

"Pierre-Georges Latécoère" Prize

Prix - 1_edited.jpg

The annual "Pierre-Georges Latécoère" prize is awarded by the Foundation Board to an aviation-related project that reflects the values of the Foundation.

Commemorative Associations

Les Ailes de Yoan


Participation in the Raid Latécoère-Aéropostale 2022 by a crew of Yoan's friends, whom they met at the Air France cadet pilot school, to honour his memory and realise his dream.

Les Amis de l'Envol des Pionniers


Association whose aim is to bring together the families of the pioneers of aeronautics. Pierre-Elzéar Latécoère is proud to be its honorary president.

Modelisation & Innovation

Latécoère 631 MSFS

MSF 631_edited.jpg

Identical modelling of the Latécoère 631 in MS Flight Simulator, bringing it back to life. Congratulations to Jimmy Battut from BlueMesh for this excellent work.

Mermoz Challenge

Défi Mermoz_edited.jpg

Designing and building a hydrogen-powered drone capable of crossing the South Atlantic, following Jean Mermoz's historic route, without emitting any CO2.

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