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Management decisions

Management decisions


Sketch by P-G Latécoère

For the execution of its new aircraft construction programme, Compagnie Générale d’Entreprises Aéronautiques can count on the assistance of the technical team and extensive manufacturing facilities of Forges et Ateliers de Construction G. Latécoère. My company has plants in Toulouse, Montaudran and Bagnères-de-Bigorre representing a covered floorspace of 400,000 square metres. All three plants are linked to the railways (Chemin de Fer du Midi) by industrial branch lines. They employ between 1,200 and 2,000 workers and are specialized in the construction of rolling stock (railway and tramway wagons and carriages, cask wagons, refrigerated wagons, luggage vans, tenders, steel castings, hearths, railway hardware and ironwork, industrial joinery and woodwork).

Hand-written note by P-G Latécoère

In addition to aircraft production facilities, Latécoère has a model workshop for engine repairs and overhauls. Running an airline over the last five years, we have learned how to reduce the percentage of engine failures to almost zero by carefully managing use and overhauls.

Tariff sheet for airmail packages (note by P-G Latécoère).


The Latécoère fleet currently comprises 150 airplanes and seaplanes, counting those in service, on standby, on the assembly line or undergoing repairs. The fleet is operated by some 60 pilots and around 800 specialist workers including mechanics, fitters, radiotelegraph operators, pigeon handlers, etc.




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