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First Marseille Algier’s crossing by seaplane

First Marseille-Algiers
crossing by seaplane


The first crossing of the Mediterranean by seaplane
was performed by Pierre-Georges Latécoère on 16 May 1923
From “L’Eclair du midi”,24 mai 1923

"We must have the line operating this July," Pierre-Georges Latécoère told our journalist. On 16 May, Mr Latécoère, general manager of Latécoère Airlines and its France-Morocco-Algeria air routes, completed a seaplane crossing from Marseille to Algiers via Barcelona and Palma-de-Majorca (in the Balearic Islands) in a flying time of 7 hours 45 minutes. This remarkable feat was not so much an expedition as a demonstration run — or an inaugural flight, prepared quietly by Mr Latécoère.

P-G Latécoère on arrival in Algiers after his flight from Marseille

As we announced yesterday, the founder of the African airline network arrived in Marseille aboard the Lamoricière mail boat from Algiers at 3.45 pm. Mr Latécoère kindly agreed to answer a few questions. “You received word of my trip from Marseille to Algiers and your newspapers gave the story a great deal of coverage. And yet, it was such a simple trip and so much more pleasant than travelling by ship!”, he commented.
“I had wanted to make the crossing for some time. However, at the request of the Under-Secretary of State for Aviation, I put it off until now,” Mr Latécoère continued.
He noted further: “The Marseille-Algiers service comes under a programme drawn up a year ago by the SNAé and the financial authorities in Algeria. Technical difficulties have prevented us from setting up the Marseille-Algiers and Alicante-Oran services. Yet the Casablanca-Oran line was quickly commissioned and is now operating at full capacity. Discussions will be held with the financial authorities in Algeria at the end of the month. By making this crossing, I have demonstrated the feasibility of the Marseille-Algiers line to the Algerian government and shown, too, that it would be extremely useful.”

From "L’Eclair du midi", 24 May 1923

The seaplane "Cams" in Algiers harbour




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